Saw. Mu. Shamoel Haque is a skilled professional with a rich eight-year background, specializing in administration, project management, and human resources. As a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C3ER) at Brac University, Mr. Haque has been instrumental in various capacities since joining in May 2015. With a solid educational foundation, including an MBA in Human Resource Management, Mr. Haque has honed a diverse skill set encompassing departmental HR, administrative functions, project management, personnel management, recruitment, and employee onboarding. Mr. Haque, in his role as a Senior Research Associate, excels in overseeing a diverse portfolio encompassing departmental HR, administrative operations, office administration, project management, and procurement. His proficiency is evident in implementing HR policies, leading recruitment processes, managing employee benefits, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Administrative duties, including calendar management and event coordination, are coupled with effective project management involving strategic goal setting and stakeholder communication. In prior positions as a Research Associate and Research Assistant at C3ER, Haque showcased a talent for establishing collaborative partnerships and conducting comprehensive research on climate governance. His contributions extended to engaging with NGOs, conducting literature reviews, and providing expert advisory services on climate change initiatives. Haque’s holistic approach seamlessly integrated administrative tasks, editorial responsibilities, and valuable human resource contributions.

Mr. Haque’s academic journey includes an MBA from the American International University-Bangladesh and a BBA from Stamford University Bangladesh. Beyond academic pursuits, Haque has actively engaged in various training programs, specializing in payroll management, HR budgeting, and climate change. Proficient in Bengali and English, with a good command of Hindi, Haque’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the professional realm. Actively participating in cricket leagues, Haque has honed physical abilities and cultivated values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. Eager to bring a wealth of skills, experience, and a passion for excellence to a forward-thinking organization, Saw. Mu. Shamoel Haque is poised to contribute significantly to growth and success.


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