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Roufa Khanum is the Assistant Director at the Center for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C3ER) at BRAC University. With a rich background in resource management, she brings her expertise to manage human and financial resources at various levels effectively. Her professional experience is particularly notable in Disaster Management, with a focus on developing Management Information Systems (MIS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping, and analysis. At C3ER, her principal role encompasses diverse responsibilities, including submitting project proposals and concept notes, the preparation of contract and bid documents, developing project briefs, and providing guidance for the proper execution of studies. She also plays a key role in sample design, task distribution, and monitoring. Additionally, Roufa contributes her talents to creating brochures and flyers for fundraising and project administration.

Furthermore, her research contributions extend to bio-physical modeling for assessing climate change’s impact on the environment, integrated adaptation planning, and environmentally friendly infrastructure design. She has actively participated in projects related to comprehensive disaster management in a changing climate, community-based adaptation, awareness raising at the local level, and gender issues related to climate-induced migration, population dynamics, and displacement. Her expertise has been pivotal in projects focused on natural resource management for preventing degradation and preserving ecologically critical areas.

Roufa Khanum also plays a crucial role in capacity building, livelihood analysis, policy review, policy gap analysis, and formulating and updating policies in line with research findings and sustainable development objectives. She is well-versed in developing and managing geospatial databases, geographic mapping, and remote sensing image extraction and analysis. Her academic background includes an MSc and BSc in Geography from the National University. Her career journey began at the Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS) in February 2006, where she worked under the Business Development Division and Climate Study Division. As a Business Development Officer/GIS Specialist, she was responsible for developing annual strategic plans and securing funding opportunities from various public and private sources.

Roufa Khanum’s impressive track record includes involvement in multiple projects, such as “Achieving Resilience through Inclusive Community-Based Organizations” (2016, funded by Oxfam GB), “Study on Impacts of Climatic and Non-Climatic Shocks to Communities and their Livelihood Activities” (2015, funded by Oxfam GB), “A Study to Develop Potential Policy Linkages and Policy Architecture for Climate Change Adaptation and Related Policies in Bangladesh” (2017, funded by GIZ), and “Climate Change in Bangladesh module to GIZ-OECD Adaptation manual and roll out the training” (2019, funded by GIZ), Formulation for Bangladesh National Adaptation Plan” (funded by UNDP), “Update and Enhancing NDCs by 2020 for Bangladesh” (funded by UNDP), and “Training on CCA mainstreaming and Bankable Project Development Skills” (funded by UNDP), among others showcasing her commitment to advancing environmental and climate-related initiatives.


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