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Ms. Moomtahina Rahman has been working as a Disaster Management Professional at the Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C3ER) of BRAC University. She is involved in the research arena integrating climate change and disaster management here. She graduated in Disaster Science and Climate Resilience from University of Dhaka and obtained her MS from the same department, working on waste management, heavy metal concentration analysis, environmental pollution and health hazards. She has experience in Climate Change, Disaster Risk Management, Climate Modelling, EIA, Heavy Metal Concentration Assessment, Waste Management, Community Based Risk Assessment, Migration, Agriculture and GIS and Remote Sensing-based Assessment.
Ms. Moomtahina joined C3ER, BRAC University in January 2023, where she involved herself in research of climate resilient infrastructure, the vulnerability of ethnic community and migration factors, facilitating building capacity on climate change adaptation into development planning of Bangladesh, climate change health impacts and policy analysis. She is interested in conducting multidisciplinary research and is familiar with project management. She has three publications on agriculture and food security and led projects on Environmental Impact Assessment, waste management and water quality assessment, agriculture and food security, and climate change in Bangladesh.
Before joining C3ER, BRAC University, Ms. Moomtahina worked as a Research Fellow at the Bangladesh Meteorological Department under the World Bank-funded BWCSRP Component – A project on the changing climatic behavior of Bangladesh through climate modeling. She simultaneously facilitated the Storm Warning Centre in the documentation of forecasts. Earlier, she worked as a Mentor at Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI) in the “Featuring Green Earth’ project. Her key role was capacity and knowledge development of the marginalized community youths through training.


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