C3ER, BRAC University poster presentation in BIGD’s International Conference on ‘Making Digital Finance Work for Women!’ at BRAC Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh. (June 21)

Team from C3ER, Brac University presented a poster on ‘Gender Inclusion for Formulation and Advancement of National Adaptation Plan Process in Bangladesh’ in BIGD’s international conference on “Making Digital Finance Work for Women ” held on June 21, 2023. The team described that the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) provides an unparalleled opportunity to reduce vulnerability to climate change while equalizing social and gender disparities. An important part of the NAP is to bring different stakeholders together and establish the institutional arrangements necessary for governments to plan and implement adaptation actions. These efforts create platforms that can be used to build capacity on gender and adaptation toward integration of gender considerations in relevant plans and actions. Gender must be included in the decision-making phase of every project. Thus, women can be empowered financially and be the decision-makers.

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