Climate Change AdaptationUnderstanding the physical science
of climate change and generating
climate change scenarios for
Bangladesh locally
Climate Change Mitigation
Climate Finance
Locally Led Adaptation
Nature Based Solution
Loss & Damage
Knowledge Management, Capacity development & Advocacy


Our mission is to establish a leading research and academic institution for environmental and climate change issues, develop and disseminate knowledge on climate change adaptation, mitigation, disaster risk reduction and to build a climate resilient society.

About C3ER

C3ER, the Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research is established in the year 2011. Since its inception, BRAC University has conducted a series of cross-sectoral research on climate change and disaster management in direct collaboration with BRAC. To coordinate and manage these different activities, the Syndicate and the Board of Trustees of BRAC University have accorded for establishment of a research center titled “Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C3ER)”. The Centre establishes a synergy between BRACU and BRAC in the field of climate change and other environmental issues.
The Centre also maintains partnerships with other national and international organizations as appropriate. Resources and expertise available in the departments, schools and institutes of the university have been mobilized in the field pertinent to adaptation and mitigation. Special attention is given to research, in areas of adverse impact of climate change, on health, food security, poverty and livelihood, displacement and migration, loss and damage assessment, renewable energy, negotiation process, technology transfer, education and awareness, etc. In addition to this, C3ER arranged a number of trainings and public lectures on climate change and disaster management in association with other departments of BRAC University.


Our Vision is to craft sustainable & adaptive solutions for society. C3ER targets are to be established as a cutting edge research and academic institute in Bangladesh working in the field of climate physical science and natural resources management.


Professor Syed Mahfuzul Aziz Pro Vice-Chancellor, BRAC University
Professor Ainun Nishat (Phd) Emeritus & Advisor, C3ER

C3ER has been instrumental in creating social impact at community level to international arenas through its ground breaking works on access to justice and legal empowerment; peace promotion among youths; and advocacy for justice and accountability for Rohingya

Ms. Roufa Khanum Assistant Director, C3ER

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Mandates of C3ER​

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